Wickham, a suburb in Newcastle was devastated last week after buildings in the “wool row” caught on fire. It took more than 100 firefighters to contain the spread of the flames, the blaze raging on the entire afternoon.

Residents from the Newcastle suburb have since been evacuated in order to avoid contamination from harmful materials left behind in the fire. Most of them have since been wondering when exactly they would be allowed back to their homes.

Currently, city officials are currently prioritising the asbestos cleanup in the area. As residents are anxious to return home, not much is known about what will happen to what is left of the buildings.

The buildings were landmarks of the Wickham suburb, known as the collective “wool row,” once being large storage areas for wool. Because of how long ago the buildings were constructed, a major asbestos contamination managed to spread through the area.

Wickham Asbestos Cleanup

Cleanup has been ongoing in the Newcastle suburb since the evacuation. Harmful materials have spread out from the fire and into the area. In this cleanup, people have been paying close attention to the presence of asbestos.

Asbestos is a material that was utilised in various applications during its widespread use in the early 20th century. Since the early 2000s, Australia has since banned the use of asbestos, however many buildings that were constructed beforehand still contained it.

Because of the presence of asbestos in the buildings of the wool row, a lot of it can be seen around the Wickham area in the aftermath of the fire. Currently, Ryno’s Group is on the scene helping rid the area of asbestos that spread from the blaze.

In a feature by news group NBN, the crew from Ryno’s Group was last seen cleaning the area of Tilly’s Play and Development Centre, a daycare facility located on Station St.

Ryan Nolan, founder of Ryno’s Group was on the scene, along with his crew. He said their priority is to focus on all the public areas. Since the fire, the team has been working nonstop.

As residents are awaiting the chance to return to their homes, it is rest assured that the asbestos contamination throughout Wickham will be well-contained. When the residents come back, asbestos fears will be the last thing on their minds as they return to normal life.

Asbestos Safety

With how damaging asbestos can be as a material, there have been many fatalities associated with it. If you want to stay safe from asbestos, remember to educate yourself about its dangers.

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