Asbestos Testing

We see a lot of property owners put off getting asbestos testing to confirm whether or not they have asbestos, but when it comes to any deadly material you just don’t let it stay hidden – it’s a constant risk.

asbestos testing


We seek to get involved as early as possible in the asbestos removal process from the testing phase so that we can ensure the removal is done properly from start to finish as efficiently as possible – This provides an effective asbestos removal project while ensuring that our clients are completely kept in the loop throughout us doing our job.

The main goal of asbestos testing is to provide enough insight to the property owner regarding where the asbestos is & how much of it exists so that the correct plan & decision can be made.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is asbestos testing?

Asbestos Testing a process that tests all potential areas of your property to find out if there is any asbestos hidden that you may be unaware of.

Asbestos is a deadly fibre and you do not want to be living among it, nor do you want a team to come and remove it without a proper cleanup process to ensure none is left behind.

When to get your property tested

Basically, anyone who is concerned even in the slightest about the potential of their property containing asbestos should proceed with an asbestos test, even more so if you have a house that was made back before the 1980’s.

Asbestos can be hidden in numerous u unexpected areas of your property like in insulation systems & much more.

Asbestos Testing Benefits

Asbestos Testing in a lot of cases is the only way for a property owner to identify asbestos, although trained professionals like the team from Ryno’s Asbestos who deal with the deadly material day to day rarely need to test it to know ourselves.

  • It’s better to know than to not know
  • Helps you identify unknown areas of asbestos
  • If any hidden asbestos is found, it will be removed quickly.
  • Minimal costs involved in asbestos testing
  • Ensure the safety of your family & friends

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Worried about hidden asbestos in your property?