Can I remove asbestos material from my demolition?

Removing this material from your demolition can and should be done as soon as possible. If you think this can only be found in demolition and construction sites, then think again. Asbestos can be found even in simple hobbies, such as drilling, sawing, or paint removal. Tragically, if inhaled in even just small amounts, asbestos can cause lethal conditions, such as mesothelioma and the most harrowing of all—lung cancer.

In Newcastle, buildings are being made every day. If you’re one of those planning to move into Newcastle, there are rules to be followed, especially in removing it. As a citizen, you have the responsibility to get rid of it as safely as possible by calling your local removal company.

Why The Safe Handling Asbestos Is Important

Improper handling of this by-product is especially high for people constantly exposed to it. Experts, healthcare practitioners, and even scientists have no answer to the much-needed cure. In this regard, governments have enforced strict laws and regulations to make sure related conditions from this lethal asbestos are controlled and possibly prevented entirely. People doing DIYs and illegal handling of this material are fined heavily for the public’s health and their safety.

Until today, only professionals can handle asbestos and remove them from the area.

How To Rid Of Asbestos Safely

The first and most important rule to remember about this material is to never handle it yourself. This material is highly toxic and carcinogenic, therefore, only professionals should handle them. Never touch or move any materials containing asbestos in any way. Although there are guides available online, all of them implore you to never handle it without the proper physical protective suits that professionals have. Besides, these experts are trained to work while upholding laws and regulations.

Professionals are knowledgeable in handling the material. They can assess the size of your demolition and cover it with plastic sheeting. They also make use of a negative air pressure that helps prevent contamination outside of the area. They have proper protection, safety protocols, and decontamination zones, all to make sure the area is safe afterward.

If you do it yourself, you’ll have the biggest risk of breaking the laws and putting yourself in harm’s way. Better to be safe than sorry, most especially in this scenario.

What Happens After It Leaves The Site?

Before, companies got rid of it completely, as it is very harmful to one’s health. Now that technology has advanced, experts have found a way to convert the lethal material into non-lethal materials that can be used. 

One method of breaking it down is by putting it in high heat and turning it into stoneware that can be used for road work. It can also become ceramic bricks and tiles made of porcelain. Lastly, it can become glass and be used for decorations and kitchenware.


It is entirely feasible to rid of asbestos from your demolition site, as it has no known benefits by staying or letting it be. It can physically harm your body in the worst way. Removing it via a professional is the only and safest way to get rid of it. It is then recycled into useful materials and products. Examples of these are stoneware, ceramic, or glass.