What to do with asbestos floor tiles

Given the corrosion and heat proof nature of asbestos (the very reason it was utilised in the first place), it was most commonly used in the walls, ceilings, pipes and tiles for insulation purposes. While asbestos is dangerous in any part of a building, it is considered less so when in floor tiles. This doesn’t mean you can be careless with its removal, however. There are procedures and processes for the safe removal of asbestos floor tiles. 

What is the difference in asbestos exposure risk for tiles?

Asbestos floor tiles are typically found in vinyl tiles, where it is bonded tightly and the fibres are at very low risk of being disturbed. This makes it a lot easier and safer to remove than if the asbestos was in loose-fill insulation. 

If you’re in a home (or working on a home) that was built before 1990 and has vinyl tiles, it’s integral that they are tested for asbestos, and safely removed if it’s present. If you’re demolishing, renovating, or doing any kind of DIY project, you should never take asbestos into your own hands. 

How to identify asbestos floor tiles

Just by looking at tiles, there is no way to know if asbestos is present. The only way to identify asbestos floor tiles is to have them professionally and officially tested, and the result being a positive for asbestos. The sample must be approved by the National Association of Testing Authority (NATA) and conducted by a competent and trained person.  

However, as mentioned above, if your home (or the building you’re working on) was built between the 1930s and 1990s and you have vinyl tiles, then there is a higher likelihood that you have asbestos, or should have it tested before doing any work. 

How to remove asbestos floor tiles

It is highly recommended (and in some instances legally directed) that you never remove asbestos tiles (or any asbestos) yourself. As fully licensed asbestos experts, Ryno’s exercise the highest safety asbestos removal precautions and dispose of it appropriately. It’s our focus to ensure that asbestos is removed without causing serious health danger to others, and to help you avoid extremely costly fees if it is disposed of illegally. 

If you think you have asbestos tiles, call Ryno’s for a full service testing, removal and disposal of asbestos.